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We all know those moments where we open our closet only to find out we've got nothing to wear (or so we think) and decide to go hunting for some new fashion faves. But then the mall is crowded, the clothes are too expensive and the wrong sizes and we go home frustrated only purchasing a big load of Ben&Jerrys Ice Cream. This fall I wanted to try out something new! So to avoid all the hassle, I tried out Zalon.

Zalon is a service by the online shop Zalando that provides you with a personal shopper (only for Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands). So, when you go onto their webpage, you firstly fill out a questionnaire about your size and fashion style. Secondly, you get to choose from a variety of designers and find the one that has a similar fashion style as you. A couple of days later you'll get your first E-Mail telling you what clothes your designer has picked out for you. You then have the chance to give feedback on each item. After 5-7 days you'll get your Zalon package.

This box is beautifully wrapped with little blue ribbons and contains two whole outfits which you may then try on.

Miss Malvina Zalon Try on Haul Fall Edition First Outfit
Miss Malvina Zalon Try on Haul Fall Edition Outfit 1
Miss Malvina Zalon Try on Haul Fall Edition Second Outfit


So the first outfit I tried on (see above) consists of a beautiful, light pink trenchcoat that is of a rather thin material. Along with it came a slim fit blue jeans as well as a white and dark red striped sweatshirt which gives this outfit a casual look. Overknees and a matching purse that could easily fit my laptop conclude the outfit long with an oversized scarf.


After having tried on the first outfit, I was much exited to try on the other pieces in the box. The second outfit (see below) consists of a khaki cardigan that feels very soft and a loose fitted, white blouse with short sleeves. Along with that, my personal shopper Lisa picked out a black, high-haist jeans and some beige booties. To make the look more casual, she picked out a beige hat as well.

Miss Malvina Zalon Try on Haul Fall Edition Outfit 2
CARDIGAN    I    BLOUSE    I    similar BOOTS    I    HAT    I    BLACK JEANS


TRENCHCOAT by Object Objellen - Sale: 63.95€
BLUE JEANS by Levi's - 69.95€
SWEATSHIRT by Samsoe & Samsoe - 38.95€
OVERKNEES by Zign - 129,95€
PURSE by Zign - 49.95€
SCARF by Pieces - 19,95€


CARDIGAN by ONLY - 26.95€
BLOUSE by ONLY - 17.55€
BLACK JEANS by DrDenim - 59.95€
BOOTS by Kinoi sold out, similar - 69.95€
HAT by Only - 32.95€

I was super happy with the whole experience, as Lisa picked out clothes that I would have easily picked out myself if I would have gone shopping. As I filled out the questionnaire, I was also able to upload some styling photos off of Pinterest that helped her get a sense for my preferred style. Most of the items fit very well, apart from the little booties (size too small) and the blue jeans (size too big). Other than that, I was only pleasantly surprised by the service of Zalon and will definitely order another package next season.

Obviously, I didn't keep all the pieces. As I live on a tight budget and some items were a little more expensive as well as not the right size, I had to send most of the items back. I did however keep a couple of them and I'm enjoying them every time I get to wear them.

So if you want to try out Zalon and get your first box as well, click here. If you've already ordered your box, please share your experience in the comment section down below. I'm exited to read your thoughts! Also, check out my video to get even more info and a close up on all the items.



To see more of the Outfits above, check out my YouTube video.


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