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Tips of packing light 1 Miss Malvina
Tips of packing light 3 Miss Malvina


I was so happy when I got so much positive feedback on my last post on how to plan a trip (Check it out here). It was so nice to read how much it actually helped and how many new tips and tricks you will try out on your next trip. So I wanted to create another blog post related to the topic on how to pack light.

Sebastian and I love to go on vacation and check out all those beautiful places the world has to offer. Short trips up to a weeklong are our go-to's as this is usually the time we can spare from our busy schedules every once in a while. As you are reading this, we are currently on a trip along the Algarve in Portugal, hopefully relaxing in the sun. As we are students, we always travel on a budget, meaning we only take hand-luggage. It's a lot more convenient, as you are out of the airport without waiting for your bags in no time. Also, you don't have to carry too much stuff when going on a city trip for example, dragging it through metros and small passage ways (been there, done that, and it wasn't fun, let me tell you). Also, you really don't need so much when you are away for only a couple of days.

Especially for us girls it's so hard though to travel light. I feel like I used to pack so much I really thought I needed on a trip and ending up not using most of it. Sebastian also used to struggle a bit with packing light, as he has lots of gadgets and camera tools he wants to bring. But over countless of low budget travels, I feel like we've mastered the art of packing light. So here are our tips on how to pack for your next short trip.

HIS as told by Sebastian

I am always on the hunt for special deals or sales. So I love to travel with a carry-on only. Personally, I don't need much to be happy: a couple pairs of socks, a couple of shirts, clean underwear, a spare pair of pants and I'm good to go.

My ultimate carry-on isn't a suitcase though. I got this backpack (similar here) off of Amazon last year that is absolutely amazing. I looked up most cheap flight airlines to see their regulation of carry-ons and found out this backpack is the perfect size. My backpack has the exact size for you to get through every security check. It has little compartments that you have access to from the outside which is so convenient. It also comes with storage boxes which make packing and finding stuff a lot easier.

Also, what I like doing is wearing my thickest clothes on the plane. This way, I'm saving space in my carry-on and stay warm in air conditioned airports and planes. I'll always wear a jacket to stuff the pockets with any small items or snacks that won't fit into my hand luggage anymore. Furthermore, I only bring the most important and preferably small camera gear, not the whole lot. As I work out much, I always bring some whey protein powder along. But instead of bringing the whole bag, I fill up the exact amount I need for the trip into a zip lock bag along with any other supplements I may need. Also, I use a shaker as a water bottle. I take it through security empty and fill it up with water in the airport. This way, I always have water on me throughout our entire trip.

Tips of packing light 2 Miss Malvina
Tips of packing light 4 Miss Malvina

 HERS as told by Malvina

I have my little Samsonite carry-on suitcase ever since I commuted back and forth between University and home. It's been my travel companion for quite some time now and never disappoints.

So the first thing I do is plan my outfits for the period of our stay away. This is so important as it saves you lots of time every day deciding what to wear when you could be exploring new places instead. You don't want to waste your time like that. Knowing what to pack exactly will also safe up so much space in your suitcase.
When I've decided what to bring I pack everything neatly and stuff shoes as well as the sides of my carry-on with socks and underwear.
I like to put my passport or ID as well as the zip lock bag with all fluids in the front pocket of my suitcase for easy access. I'm saving myself the hassle during the security check.
Don't even think of bringing an old school Marco Polo travel guide on your short trip. Do the planning in advance and take notes on your cell and Google Maps of the places you want to see. Creating a pinterest board may help as well (Read all about how to plan a vacation the easy way in my blog post here). In doing so, you will save up room in your carry-on wich you can then use to take a novel to read at the beach. It's a lot more fun anyways. (For book recommendations click here.)

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. Sebastians backpack (similar)

 Malvinas Samsonite carry-on suitcase

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