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Three way Crepes Marshmallow

Breakfast is one of my favorite times of the day. It's when the house is still quiet and the sun is peeking out that I find my peace. This is how I love starting the day.

At the weekend, I usually have more time to prepare breakfast. This is when I often sit on the couch with a hot beverage and think about the day, read inspiring blog posts or catch up on some YouTube videos. Now, that the weather is getting colder, I love making crepes for breakfast. I often had them (quiet pricy) at christmas markets and wondered if they were difficult to make. It was only when I tried to make them for the first time that I realized: crepes are so easy to  make, so versatile and so delicious! But see for yourself...

Here, I'm enjoying some crepes with a delicious cup of hot coco with marshmallow topping. Hmmm...yummie!

Three way Crepes cup


French crepes can be made with various toppings. The basic recipe will always be the same, though.


-250 g flour
- 500 ml (17 oz) milk
- pinch of salt
- 4 eggs
- 50 g butter

STEP 1: Mix all ingredients well together.
STEP 2: Pour mixture into a medium size pan on medium heat so that it flattens out quite thin.
STEP 3: After a couple of minutes flip it over with a spatula.
STEP 4: This is optional - spread out your toppings on the crepe (e.g. nutella) then fold the crepe in half and then again 3 times to get a perfect triangle.
Step 5: Put on a plate and decorate with the toppings of your choice.

Three way Crepes Strawberries
Three way Crepes Nutella

Crepes can be enjoyed in many different ways. Traditionally it's served with nutella I would say. I love topping it with coconut flakes and fresh strawberries in the summer.
When it's colder out, I love filling my crepes with a mix of baked apple slices mixed with cinnamon to get that christmassy feeling. And on top: Your house will smell amazing when mixing the apple in a pan with cinnamon.
On days when I don't feel like having a sweat brekki, I love topping my crepes with the cheese of my choice. In my opinion, you can melt cheese on anything and it'll taste great! You can also put some cream cheese on the side for dips. As the basic recipe for the crepes batter doesn't contain any sugar, it's easy to make a hearty version of your breakfast crepes.
But really, it's up to you - go all out on your crepes topping and enjoy them just the way you like!
If I had known making them would be as easy as it actually is, I would have started making them myself a while ago, rather than buying them for quite a lot of money at christmas markets and then waiting a whole year to indulge again. So, what are you waiting for? Make yourself some quick and easy crepes and tell me in the comments down below what topping is your favorite?

Three way Crepes Apple and Cinnymon



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