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Miss Malvina Enjoy Life The Lush Experience
Ms Malvinas Lush Experience 4

As it's the beginning of spring and I had to work a lot these past couple of month, I've decited to treat myself! So, after a long work day I went into Lush. I felt immediately great just walking in their shop in Berlin Charlottenburg as it immediately smells delicious. Their product range is so versatile, that there is something for everyone I'm sure! They have all different kinds of scents, and products, starting from bath bombs and bubble bars to Luxury bath melts. They don't just have products for the greatest bath experience ever, but also organic shampoo and shower gels, body scrubs or butter, as well as all-natural make-up and much more.

It wasn't very hard for me to decide what kind of product I wanted - I went straight for bath products as I was soooo much seeking some relaxing bath time. For Christmas I treated myself with the golden-sparkling Pumpkin Bubble Bar. It was the most amazing thing as it smelled of cinnamon and made my bath sparkle with golden glitter and my skin soft. Now, I wanted to find something different in scent but similarly amazing. I stood in front of the huge spring collection and saw all those Bubble Bars and Bath Bombs, everyone with its unique scent and look.

Finally, I've decided to go with the Rose Jam Bubbleron. Its scent is sweet and perfect for spring and it has this little shimmer to it. As it is a Bubble Bar, it'll make the perfect and fun bubble bath. You don't have to use the whole thing at once, as you can take only one half of that little pink macaron for one bath and keep the other half for later, that way, you'll have more of it.

Ms Malvina Lush Experience Enjoy Life Rose Jam bubble bar
Ms Malvina Lush Experience Enjoy Life Intergalactic bath bomb

I couldn't stop myself from taking another product - this time an all-time favorite as I was told by a friend. The Intergalactic is supposed to create this beautiful variation of color in your bathtub and makes it smell fresh.

Now, it's time for me to take a bath and relax for a while. I'll light some candles and listen to some music.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you did, leave a comment telling me what your favorite bath products are. Also, make sure to take some time off your busy schedule and made some time for yourself. Either it being with a lovely bubble bath, reading a good book or doing whatever it is that relaxes you. Have a beautiful day!

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  1. Great post! Your photos are awesome. I love Lush, too. Intergalactic is a total experience 😍 I also love the King of Skin bar in the shower, it’s so moisturizing. I did a post on the Easter Good Egg set if you wanted to take a look 😊

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