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Spring Reading List Miss Malvina
Spring Reading List Miss Malvina

Maybe you've guessed it already: I am a total book worm. When I was in elementary school, I was the girl who rushed home after class to read the Harry Potter books my parents didn't allow me to take to school. Since then, I've grown up a lot, but every once in a while I still find myself getting lost in a book. So the other day, I wanted to place a book order on amazon when I realized you could also buy many of them used. I don't know why I never did this before as it's a lot cheaper than buying the new version of a book. Following I'd like to introduce my spring reading list. Hope you enjoy!


Now this one I'm extremely exited about. They are making this trilogy into a movie and I just recently saw the trailer of the first of the three films and was surprised of how much it reminded me of Harry Potter (huge fan!). Obvisouly, the story has nothing to do with wizards and wichcraft, but the way it was filmed is somehow similar. So, before going into the movie theater, I defnitly want to read the book.

"A mysterious island. An abandoned orphanage. A strange collection of photographs."

It all wants to be discovered in this unforgettable novel, that mixes fiction and photography in a thrilling reading experience. [excerpt of the blurb - get the book here].

THE MARBLE COLLECTOR - novel by Cecelia Ahern

I read many of the best selling authors books and always find them to be an easy read. Perfect to integrate into your night time routine or when lounging at the beach.

"A forgotten Childhood. A discovered Life."

When Sabrina Boggs stumbles upon a mysterious collection of her fathers posessions, she discovers the truth where she never knew there was a lie. [blurb excerpt  - get the book]

THE YEAR I MET YOU - novel by Cecelia Ahern

A classic about friendship, that had to be on my spring reading list: Being fired is just the beginning for Jasmine. In the year that unfolds she learns more about herself than she could ever imagine – and more about other people than she ever dreamed. Sometimes friendship is found in the most unexpected of places. [excerpt of the blurb - get the book here]

FLAWED - novel by Cecelia Ahern

A Critical view on society: Celestine has always known about the Flawed, second-class citizens who are branded as punishment for their crimes. And she always thought they must deserve their punishment. [excerpt of the blurb - get the book] Until everything changes.

Spring Reading List Miss Malvina
Spring Reading List Miss Malvina
Spring Reading List MissMalvina

MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS - relationship guide by John Gray

I have the TedX App on my phone and whenever I need a motivation boost or have a coupe of minutes to spare I turn it on and watch inspiring TedX talks. Here, it happened that I watched a TedX Talk by relationship expert John Gray, where he talked about his research on the different approaches on relationships of both men and women. He summed up his work in this best-selling book that just had to be on my spring reading list.

"A Practical Guide
for Improving Communication
and Getting  What You Want in Your Relationship."

If you are a woman reading this you can probably relate: I'm always thinking something. But when I ask my significant other what he thinks in a moment where it's just awfully quiet, he often replies with a "nothing". I could never believe him. Secretly I thought, he may not want to tell me, maybe he has secrets. But Gray humorusly explained, men sometimes really just don't think. Sebastian and I watched the video together, laughed so much and had quite a few A-HA moments - I had to buy his book. (Amazon hasn't delivered it yet, so I'm unpaitently waiting for it to arrive. - you can get the book here)

 HAPPY WIVES CLUB - by Fawn Weaver

And again, it was a TedX Talk by Fawn Weaver and her search for the Secrets of a Great Marriage that persuade me to buy this book. In a world of high divorce rates, I was pleased to hear a more positive side of things.

"12 Countries, 6 Continents and One Mission
to find the Truth about Happy Marriages."

Now, I'm not married, nor am I engaged. I do have a boyfriend, but to be honest, I think we are still far away from actually taking that step and that is perfectly fine. However, I do enjoy reading about the topic. And although we are not married, it sure sometimes feels that way. We live together, spend much time together and I think it's just normal to get on each others nerves from time to time (It's all about reconciliation anyways, right?!). And plus, I am always very interested in inter-personal relationships and how they work. What makes them great and the psychology behind decisions. So this book really spoke to me. Let's see what she finds out.

I sure hope this spring reading list gave you some nice inspiration. As always, please leave a nice comment telling me your favorite book below. You know me, I'm always on the hunt for a good read. And if you can't get enough, check out the book section of my blog.

Spring Reading List Miss Malvina







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