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No faster and easier way to make a cake! – pinky promise 😉

Recipe: No Bake Oreo Cake

So, we had a family members birthday coming up recently and I felt like baking a real nice little cake. As others brought several cakes as well, I decided to use a 18cm (about 7 inch) cake tin. If you’d prefer to bake a bigger cake, I suggest you’d use double the amount of ingredients. As it happened, life is busy so I didn’t have much time to cake a real fany cake, but I knew the birthday boy loves Oreos. So I decided to make this delicious no bake Oreo cake. And let me tell you, it was really easy to make, didn’t take up much time, tasted amazing and looked like I could have easily spend hours making it. So if you’re interested in this great recipe keep on reading.

No Bake Oreo Cake Recipe

…for the cake base:
200 g Oreos (Or any other kind of cookie you like)
100 g melted and cooled butter

…for the topping:
2 bananas

…for the cream:
200 g Mini-Foam Kisses / Chocolate Kisses ( confection made of a waffle base, a foam center similar to marshmallow and a chocolate covering)
500 g low-fat quark
4 ts whipping cream stiffener
200 g whipped cream
2 ts whipping cream stiffener
lemon juice / lemon zest

…for decorating:
additional Oreos
caramel sauce
whatever kind of toping you like

No Bake Oreo Cake Recipe

1) First Buy Cifran Cipro online , you need to crumble the Oreos with a mixer. When they are fine as sand you’ll mix them with the melted, but cooled down butter.

2) Now, you’ll put some baking paper around your cake tin and fill in the Oreo-butter-mixture. Take a spoon or your fingers and press them down to get a nice solid cake base. Put the whole this in the freezer for 15 minutes.

3)Whip up your whipped cream with the stiffener. Take off the waffle base of the chocolate-kisses. Now add low-fat quark, 4 tp of whipped cream stiffener and the lemon zest and mix well.

4) In a separate bowl PuTTY Quick launch , whip the whipped cream together with you stiffener. Now, carefully ad this to your mixture.

5) Peel and slice your bananas and put the little slices  on top of the cake base. Spread the quark mixture on top and refrigerate for about 2 hours.

6) Time is up – now it’s your turn to be creative! Take your cake out of the cake tin and decorate it with whatever you like. If you need inspiration: I decorated mine with broken Oreos and caramel sauce -yummy!

Et voila! You’re all ready to go! This cake is perfect for a birthday party, a family gathering or as desert. It’s easy to make! I especially love that it’s not too filling. As it’s made with low-fat quark it is not very heavy but still so delicious.

No Bake Oreo Cake Recipe

No Bake Oreo Cake Recipe

If you’re recreating this cake please post it in the comments down below and let me know what you think!

PS: I got this recipe from “Sallys Welt” – a German food blogger who makes amazing cakes and much more. -check her out if you havn’t already!

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