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Life can get a little crazy sometimes. At least that's how I felt the last couple of weeks. Therefore, Sebastian and I decided to go on a relaxing short trip to Kolberg, Poland. Its a small town at the Baltic Sea - just the perfect place to get that much needed energy back.

From Berlin, the Marine Hotel was only a 3 1/2 hour car ride away. Along narrow roads with beautifully colored foliage the drive went by very quickly. Also, great company, music and some delicious road trip snacks were a great help (check out the recipe here.)

The view was stunning.

The 5* Hotel was right at the beach, so first thing we did after checking in was to go for a little walk along the shore. It was so calming to hear the sound of the waves rushing in and out and seeing all the seagulls flying around like they didn't have a care in the world. As we were slowly getting hungry we stoped at an Italian restaurant for some pizza. By the time we had filled our bellies the sun had set and we walked back home to the hotel and slept like a baby that night.

The following morning we woke up to the sound of the waves and took a shower in a luxurious rainforest shower before going down for breakfast.

The buffet displayed everything I had hoped for: fresh fruits, a variety of bread, eggs, bacon (YUM!), yoghurt, oatmeal, dessert and much more. My highlight was the pancake live cooking. Of course I had to get two.

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Quite full we made our way back down to the beach again. Oh my, it was so beautiful! We made our way to the pear. Even though the walk was quite long, it felt good to stretch our legs. From the top of a nearby light house we had the most amazing view. One couldn't tell where the ocean ended and the horizon began and everything seemed so small from up there. It was quite windy though. Once we made it back down again we indulged in some warm waffles and walked back to the hotel.

There, we changed into our bathrobes and went down to the spa area of the hotel. I slowly felt the stress dissolve when putting my feet in a basin filled with warm water. There was also one regular sauna, an aroma therapy sauna, a steam sauna, a swimming pool as well as a hot tub. My favorite were the heated stone beds. By the time we went for dinner, I felt reborn.

Such a calming environment.

The dinner buffet at the hotel was just as great as the one earlier that day. There was a huge variety of meals and desserts. After a long and eventful day we fell asleep in the most comfortable bed and with a smile on our faces.

We pretty much repeated everything the next day. On the day after it was already time for us to go back home. If you want to have a closer look at what we were up to, check out my Instagram. If you enjoyed the post, I'd appreciate a like at the bottom of this page.

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