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Miss Malvina Enjoy Life Handletterin 1

When I was little I was so creative. I used to draw and craft things for my parents on a daily basis. I would learn poems by heart and sing along to my favorite songs. I would play dress up with my little brother and tell imaginative stories. I was a creative kid. But then, life just kinda happened, there is no way around it. Schooldays became longer, afternoons shorter and homework a lot more time-consuming. And every day I had to take on just a bit more responsibility. I'm sure you all felt the same. And that's not a bad thing - this is just life.

But recently, as I find myself consumed with working and studying, I want to go back to the old days and take on more creative tasks. Being creative relaxes me, so I started to develop an interest in hand lettering. Here, you much rather draw the letters than writing a word.

"It's a form of art."

I could now sit for hours trying out different pens and brushes to get that perfect stroke. Usually, you want to make thin lines going upwards and thick lines going downwards. Also, you want to play around with the different fonts, using different ones in a sentence. Just play around with different sizes, fonts and colors to find out what works best. I promise, once you've started, you won't be able to stop as it becomes more and more easy. Pretty soon, your walls will be decorated with your hand lettering art and friends will only get handmade birthday cards (aren't those the best anyway?!).

Miss Malvina Enjoy Life Handletterin 1
Miss Malvina Enjoy Life Handletterin 3
Miss Malvina Enjoy Life Handletterin 4
Miss Malvina Enjoy Life Handletterin 6

A couple of weeks ago, I took part in a hand lettering workshop by LuLovesHandmade. Here, she explained how different fonts work and which pens are used for which font. Pretty soon after, I had my own set of brush pens in hand and tried at home what I learned from her. I also did some research on Pinterest and was overwhelmed with the variety and professionality of some of the pieces I found. Check out my Pinterest board for more hand lettering inspiration, grab a stack of white paper and a couple of different pens and pencils and get into creativity mode. This could be your new hobby as well. Also, check out Lus blog to learn more about hand lettering.

Miss Malvina Enjoy Life Handlettering 7
LuLovesHandmade and Miss Malvina


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