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Flawed Cecelia Ahern Book Review 1 Miss Malvina
Flawed Cecelia Ahern Book Review 2 Miss Malvina

It's been rather quiet here on the Book Club Section of this blog. In the last couple of months I had been extremely busy with studying and also travelling (see the Travel Section of this blog for references). While it had been so amazing to explore the world, it also meant that I didn't have much time reading. But now, as I'm moved back to Germany, I can finally tell you about this stunning Young adult book I couldn't lay out of my hands: Flawed. By Cecelia Ahern. 

"Flawed - One Choice could Cost Her Everything."

While I absolutely love the Cecelia Ahern books, and I have read most of them, this is her YA debut and hence quite different from anything else she has ever written. It's about a perfect girl that lives in a world where social crimes, such as lying, are punished by being branded "flawed". She has never doubted the rules of society until one day, and her perfect world starts to crumble.

This book made me think so much about live and all the social things that we believe to be true so naturally because they always have been. I definitely would give this a go if you loved the "Divergent" series by Veronica Roth. I had to read the sequel "Perfect" right away and wasn't disappointed.

If you want a more detailed look into the book as well as hear me read a portion of the book to you, check out my most recent YouTube video right here . If you need additional book recommendations, feel free to check out the Book Club Section of this block here.

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