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Edinburgh Travel Diary 6 Miss Malvina
Edinburgh Travel Diary 3 Miss Malvina

"Pack your raincoat and let's go!" - This is what Sebastian should have said to me prior to taking-off to Edinburgh. As summer is in full swing here in Germany, I half expected the weather to be similar in Scotland, considering it's only a short flight away. Rather optimistic, I added to my one cardigan, pretty sandals, a dress and loads of t-shirts and tops.

Soon after landing I realized I could have left all that at home. Let's just say, I was really glad I packed an umbrella and a light scarf. Edinburgh didn't great us with sunshine, but with foggy cobblestone streets and pretty garlands. To be honest, I preferred it that way!

"Whisky and Harry Potter
- an unforgettable adventure."

The foggy city look like straight out of Harry Potter. Winding roads, double-decker busses as well as reading "Mc Gonnagal" and "Tom Riddle" on gravestones made it really authentic.

However, Edinburgh has so much more to offer than only beeing compared to Harry Potter. There are so many museums with so much rich history and it's all for free. We also encountered amazing stand-up comedy clubs and great whisky tastings. So it's definitely worth the trip. We'll be back for sure!

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