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I recently moved to France as part of my study program. Therefore, I'll be spending the next 6 month in the Champagne area, close to Paris. That calls for one thing to do: Champagne tasting - of course!

So a couple of other exchange students and I went to Lansons champagne house, one of the many in this area. Firstly, we got an introduction to the topic. Our guide explained that there are more than 10 champagne houses surrounding the city of Reims, such as Taittinger, Mumm and Veuve Clicquot. According to her, we chose the best one to visit - Lanson, obviously. The house takes special pride in their 250 years of experience using only traditional techniques to craft champagne.

The champagne production
- a long & complicated process.

Then, we explored the grape field located on the Lanson ground. Afterwards, we went into the production rooms where they take grape juice and first make it into wine and later into champagne. The whole process is very complicated, long lasting and mostly takes place in their champagne house in Reims. Only the pressing of grapes takes place elsewhere.

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We then went even further into the champagne cellar only to find thousands of bottles being stored. It was quite mystic down there and so we somehow lost track of time.

It looked like something from a different time.

The contrast of those old, heavy and cold brick walls in comparison to the delicate and quite expensive champagne was overwhelming really.

Now, I did take quite a lot of pictures that day, trying to capture every little detail. That's probably the reason why I don't remember much about the process of making champagne. After all, the tour did take about an hour and there was so much input that I couldn't possibly remember it all, even if I did listened carefully. If you want to learn more about Lanson, their website is full of info.

For some inspirational insight, also watch this video, as it gives quite a nice overview of the Lanson champagne house and you'll also get a feeling of the place.

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After about an hour of touring the Lanson champagne house, we finally got to go to the lounge area to warm up and taste three of the many Lanson champagnes.

First off was the White Label Sec, which I personally liked the most. It's a champagne that's been specially created by Lanson blending flavors of Chardonnay as well as Pinot Noir. De-li-cious! Secondly, we had the Rosé, which is a subtle wine with very fine bubbles with rose and red fruit aromas. And last but not least, we tried the Blanc et Blanc, which was rather dry and Sebastian's favorite.

I felt very special trying all of them and experiencing the different tastes.

After the third glass I did feel a bit tipsy though, to say the least.

If you ever get the chance to visit this beautiful region of France, I highly suggest choosing one of the many champagne houses located in the area to visit. As this is what the region is most famous for, they take champagne very seriously. Also, I would suggest visiting one of the wine yards surrounding Reims. I am really just waiting for warmer temperatures to go and see the wine yards myself, as I believe it'll look a lot nicer with some sun out.

Have you ever visited a champagne house? Any suggestions which one I should visit next? Leave it in the comments down below.



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