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Sebastian and I have lived in Reims for the past six month and enjoyed the French lifestyle very much: Croissants for breakfast and wine accompanying a delicious meal - I could definitely get used to that! However, great food is not all this little town in the Champagne region of France has so to offer. Hence, we put together a little video to intrduce Reims to you. Come Champagne tasting with us and find out where the French kings were coronated by watching THIS VIDEO on YouTube.

"Start the Day with a Smile,
and finish it with Champagne."

During my stay in Reims, I most definitely got to experience the French wine and Champagne culture more and more. They say: drink white wine with light meat and fish, red wine with red meat and cheese. Screw them, I say drink whatever wine you prefere with your meal. But we are all on the same page when it comes to Champage: Drink the sparkling wonder when celebrating! But honestly, we'll always find something to celebrate, won't we?

Did you know? Not every sparkling wine may be named "Champagne". Only if it's been traditionally produced in the Champagne region in France it get's the name.

You may want to read my review of the Lanson Champagne Tasting and cave tour HERE. Before you leave this page: Please don't forget to watch my Reims Video on YouTube by clicking HERE.







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