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They say Paris is the city of love. Well then I say Budapest is the city of romance! But see for yourself.

Sebastian and I went to Budapest in Hungary for about a week to explore this beautiful city. On our little sightseeing trip we saw many old, venetian buildings, tried delicious food and learned about the history of a country we both haven't been to before.


- Try chimney cake. It's a delicious baked good rolled in sugar, cinnamon or cacao.
- Try langosh. It's fried dough with cheese on top. Once you've tried it you'll want to have it every day! (The sweet version is also to die for.)
- No need to go into the parliament. Save your money - it's a lot prettier from the outside.
- Take one of the public transportation ships (rather than a more expensive tourist ship) and take a ride along the Danube river by night to see all the sparkling lights of the city. It's magical!
- Don't take public transport. Pack your comfiest trainers and walk everywhere. This city is too beautiful - you don't want to miss out on anything.
- Do a free walking tour. There are different ones to choose from differing in starting time and topic, but they are all for free and you just pay a tip at the end - no pressure.
- Check out the old ruin bars. They were buildings destroyed during World War II and were about to be replaced by new buildings when a couple of young artists bought the places. They transformed them into artsy bars. Now, it's a place for young professionals, tourists and artists alike.
- Go to one of the thermal baths. We went to Szechenyi which was beautiful and so relaxing. We had lots of fun there. But be aware, it won't be the cleanest place ever.

All in all, Budapest was definitely worth the trip! We enjoyed it so very much for wich we most definitely will be coming back again.

Want to see what we were up to in Budapest? Check out my YouTube Video down below.



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