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While living in France (learn more about our life in France here) Sebastian and I recently payed Bordeaux a short visit. This beautiful city is about a 5 1/2 hour train ride away from Reims, where we were living at that time. But that time flew by as the fast TGV trains are extremely comfortable and we were prepared: Netflix and a couple of snacks helped us through this long train ride. Fortunately, Netflix has this new option of downloading certain episodes to your tablet, phone or laptop for a couple of hours. This way you can watch your favorite shows on the go. (Click here to discover a new series by reading about our Netflix favorites)  Needless to say, we arrived fairly late to our AirB'n'B and fell into bed immediately to get some good night's rest to get started early the next day.

"A Bordeaux City Guide that will show you all this beautiful city has to offer"

We started our day off with some coffee on the go and an audio guide to walk through the old town of Bordeaux, seeing the "Miroir d'Eau" and the beautiful bridges. Especially by night, the whole city turned golden. The cathedral looked breathtaking by night and day.


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We started our second day with an extremely delicious and instagramable brunch at Café Kokomo, in the city's old town. Fresh lemonade, pancakes, avo on toast and acai bowls awaited us. Then, we rented bikes from one of the many rental places around the city and biked along the Garonne River to the wine museum "Cité du Vin". Here we learned so much about the taste and scent of different wines, about the history and how it's made. This museum wasn't your traditional museum with "do not touch"-signs. Oh no, touching was wanted. An audio guide gave all relevant information in addition to the visual and audio experience. It was very interactive. We ended our stay at the very top of the museum with a wine tasting and a great view over the city. Watch our YouTube video here to get the full experience.

When leaving the museum, we took one of the ferries that are part of the public transport system in Bordeaux. Finding the right stop wasn't so easy, however. You mustn't exit the museums grounds but walk around the building the the river bank. Here, the ferries take off and bring you to the city center. We went for dinner and enjoyed one last stroll through beautiful Bordeaux by night. And then, we were off to Biarritz - stay tuned for next week's blog post and YouTube video for an insight into a surfers paradise and the perfect summer vacation.

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