by Lori Nelson-Spielman


- A mother's last wish. A daughter's incredible challenge. -

Miss Malvina Enjoy Life Book Review: The Life List by Lori Nelson-Spielman

Remember that time when you were 14? Maybe you were one of those kids wearing braids and braces going to dance class or soccer practice having not a care in the world. Life, as you expected it to turn out may have looked something like this: Have a baby, fall in love and performing live on a super-big stage. This is how Brett Bohlinger, the main character of the book “The Life List” by Lori Nelson Spielman saw it at least when she was a teenager. Now, many years later, her life looks nothing like this. She isn’t married, doesn’t have children and is too shy to even think about going on stage. From an outsiders perspective it may seem like she has it all. But, the book starts with the loss of the person she loves the most, her mother. She and her siblings inherit the mother’s house and company, but Brett needs to fulfill her mother’s last wish in order to take her place as head of the company, her mother loved so much. In order to do so, Brett needs to complete the list of life goals she wrote when she was 14. Through this journey she accomplishes things she never thought were possible and discovers a part of herself that she had forgotten all along.

"With trembling hands I lock the door behind me.
My world goes silent.

This book is very dear to me as it touched my heart. It made me laugh and sob and it was one of those books that you just couldn’t put aside. I read it on my way to work and in between classes. It was the first thing I reached for in the morning and the last thing I saw before going to bed. It’s a fulfilling book that leaves no doubt at the end, no room for open questions. And although my mom is still very much alive, thank goodness, I could very much relate to Brett. May it be because my grandma, who I was very close to, just recently died or because Nelson Spielman is very talented and has a way of writing that makes me picture the scenes vividly. Nevertheless, I would definitely decommend this book to my best friend, or anyone who likes an easy-read book with an emotional touch on the side.

Book Review The Life List Lori Nelson Spielman

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