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Biarritz Travel Diary 1 Miss Malvina

This summer has been one full of travel surprises. Even though Sebastian and I were quite busy with classes, we somehow managed to do more travelling than ever. I don't know wheather or not it had something to do with us living in a different country (France, we are from Germany) but I definitely enjoyed our time together and exploring different parts of this world. It definitely brought us closer together and more routined when it comes to hectic travelling issues. Hopefully, we'll manage to keep up with our current travelling pace once we return home.

So in the past month, we have been living in Reims, France (read more about it here) and learned so much about French culture. While there, we wanted to explore more of what France has to offer and decided to travel to Bordeaux (find our more right here). From there, it was only a short train ride to the coast line of France. So we took our chances and went to explore Biarritz - a true surfer's paradise!

"Blue ocean waves, summer heat and salty air awaited us"

We stayed in a small Air B'n'B right by the shore. There was a little park bench right opposite of our apartment building overlooking the shore. From here, we had the best view of the sunset, which we enjoyed every single night whilst we were there.


Biarritz Travel Diary 4 Miss Malvina
Biarritz Travel Diary 3 Miss Malvina

Biarritz is a cute town with beautiful white villas, palm trees and that typical small town vibe of the south. A bit laid back, Biarritz is the perfect week end get away in the spring. During the summer, it's the destination of thousands of surfers that are looking for the perfect surfing spot. This is definitely an outdoor activity you have to try during your stay.

However, Biarritz has much more to offer! We visited the Maria monument saw the lighthouse, watched the cutest sea lions at the aquarium and checked out the beautiful cathedral. As a snack we had ice cream and (not to French) churros, which were delicious! One afternoon, we went to the Ocean museum which is located a bit outside of the center of Biarritz. We walked all the way there and enjoyed the beautiful scenery, but took the bus back to our Air B'n'B as it was quite the distance and we were pooped. The Ocean Museum is a very modern and quite interactive museum with 3D Animations, virtual reality, games, holograms etc. It's perfect - not just for kids. We had such a great time learning about the reefs and ocean life that we totally forgot time and were the last ones there. It was great! So, if you have a bit of a rainy day when visiting Biarritz I would definitely recommend checking out the museum as well. We ended our day at the city center where there are many different restaurants and bars to end a perfect day in Biarritz.

"We enjoyed the most stunning coastal sunsets."

If you want more Biarritz Inspiration, check out my YouTube video right here.

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