MalvinaCreates.de was born in 2016 when I needed a place for my creative outcome. As I was busy studying and working, I wanted to establish a greater work-life balance. This blog is my little place on the internet, where I realize any creative ideas. Here, you'll find articles surrounding the topics TRAVEL, LIFESTYLE, BOOKS as well as RECIPES - I always try to live healthy and to listen to my body, but I could never skip dessert.

In addition to this blog I upload VIDEOS on my YouTube Channel to create more inspirational content. Being there at the right moment in time enables me to capture emotions which will very subtle deliver a beautiful message. A keen eye for detail, many years of work experience as well as determination will certainly create outstanding content. I'd be happy to work with you on an upcoming video or to produce a video for you. Let's work together!

Do you need any further information about Malvina or MalvinaCreates.de? Please write an E-Mail to hello@malvinacreates.de or contact me here.

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www.lydiaelisemillen.com is an elegant blog filled with beauty, travel and fitness input. Lydias blog posts as well as videos inspire me daily and push me to become a better person. She is a talented woman and beautiful from the inside and out. If you don't know it already, her blog is definitely worth a read!

Anna from TheAnnaEdit is a truly funny person. If you're ever in need for a little pick-me-up, go on over to her snapchat, she never disappoints. On her blog, she shares her thoughts on interior design, recipes and beauty. She is one of them girls you most definitely would want on your squat. Go, check out her blog for a positive input on your day.

GalMeetsGlam is a blog run by Julia. With the help of her talented husband Thomas, who takes incredible pictures, she writes about fashion, travel and interior design. Her style is very classy and more on the pricier side of things, but never lacks of elegance. Visit her blog for more inspiration.